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    GREETINGS! THE WONDROUS WORLD OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY is a trendsetting Website designed to show what the School District of Palm Beach County is doing to bring technology into the classrooms of the world. Click TECHNOLOGY to see The Classroom of Tomorrow, Mr. Pauley’s textbook-less, pencil and paperless classroom format.

    My classroom is a huge computer, robotics and videography lab at Lantana Community Middle School, five miles south of West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. Our school is a sparkling new campus of sixth, seventh and eighth graders preparing themselves for this awesome new millennium that will one day come to be recognized as THE DIGITAL AGE. 

    If you are as excited as I am about technology, then you have come to the right place to explore how computers work, how to make them work for you, what’s new in technology NOW and how you and your friends can participate and learn much, much more about this WONDROUS WORLD OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY.

Recent Updates:

    Bob Pauley flew to Washington, DC, on Saturday, March 6, 2011, to be honored by the National Science Foundation as an inductee into the Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship for excellence in Science and Technology Education.While there he was interviewed for several possible positions at the Department of Energy and saw President Obama.
    For 2012 Bob will be in Washington, DC and across much of the U.S., determined to change the face of education in America. He demonstrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) classes throughout the US., and was recently joined by Congressman Allen West in Palm Beach, FL. February will take him to Houston (Johnson Space Center), Albuquerque, Colorado Springs and beyond, stopping at schools and learning centers along the way demonstrating what STEM classes should look like in America’s schools in the 21st Century.

Bob Pauley is a recipient of the coveted Dwyer Excellence in Education Award for his innovative classroom techniques as a Teacher of Technology, Robotics and Videography at Lantana Community Middle School for the School District of Palm Beach County, Florida, USA.

He is the 2010 recipient of RCA’s first Excellence in Wireless Technology Award.

He was named a member of the Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship in 2011 by the National Science Foundation in Washington, DC..

Since that time he has visited with the nation’s leading educators and politicians in an effort to improve our schools.

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